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The Kairos Story So Far

HOW WE STARTED – From andy’s perspective


One of my (Andy) ancestors broke from his farming background in rural Lincolnshire, and set out to establish a new life in the USA. He described packing his belongings on a wagon, and after a long journey, building a log cabin on his newly discovered land. Despite being descended from those that stayed home, something must have rubbed off on me. After moving from Industry to Ministry, I increasingly felt drawn to a more Pioneering ministry.

Encouraging Pioneers

For the last few years, as well as exploring this personally, Liane and I, have been encouraging others to pursue their call to new forms of mission and engagement with our wider community. It eventually became clear, that lots of people share this heart, but many felt alone, or restricted in their context. A vision was formed, for connecting people across a wider region and encouraging a greater diversity of spiritual exploration, nurturing but also ministry, service and activism. Although chafing at the bonds of Methodism, we also felt we were re-discovering its roots, and there was life there. The result was a new vision, for a new movement, within Methodism. A new network of missional communites with the support of a simple trustee body, offering a connection to Methodism, and the accountability and processes of a church and circuit, but with the freedom to shape and evolve based on those who journey with us.

A Step of Faith

It has been a step of faith, on behalf of the Methodist church, to release Liane and I, to establish this new Movement and associated ‘Circuit’ and to explore, with a small group of others, how we might shape this network of missional communities we call Kairos. Despite lots of research, and conversations with others, we travel light, we are growing organically, and seeking to be led by the Spirit as we do so. We’d love for others to join us, and play a part in its birthing and continued shaping.


we all have a part to play

One of our key values, is that we seek the Flourishing of Individuals, familes and the communities around us.

We all have unique giftings, skills and experience. We help each person find a place of belonging, caring and nurturing, as they explore the way of Jesus, which leads to that flourishing. We also help to find ways to respond to God’s love, to others, or to use your gifts and skills. That may be, involvement in some social service, but it may also be offering your wisdom, and guidance to someone seeking to develop a ministry, or grow in a gifting in which you excel. We do have some trained professionals, in Spiritual Direction, Mentoring, Coaching and access to formal training, but Disciples primarily seek to walk with others from whom they wish to learn, to share in their lives, see life through their eyes (we’d all prefer for our first parachute jump to be with someone who has experience), and we can all offer that to one another.

Who we are


Liane and Andy are the co-enablers of the Kairos Movement. Both are also Methodist employees. They form part of a wider trustee body, which oversees Kairos, and establishes it, as a ‘Circuit’ and ‘Church’ within the Methodist system, as well as allowing us to have the freedom to shape the Movement, and allow those who journey with us to Flourish, while maintaining the processes and systems which keep us all safe, secure and accountable.

Andy Lindley

Liane Kensett

A taste of Our Original Vision

You’ll find on this website, a flavour of the structure we envisage, and some of our foundational ideas.  The rest, will take shape, and in common with others who follow the Jesus Way, we expect God’s Spirit to guide us in that process and will be actively listening and discerning that guidance together, through prayer, meditation, and drawing on individual giftings.

Below is a video we shared back in 2021 with a gathering of those who lead the church across the Yorkshire region, with some of our founder shapers, and their reflections.