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Advent & Epiphany 2022

Our Advent & Epiphany Activities

You are invited,  this Advent,  to engage with our daily  Alphabet of Advent activities.  

A Story for Each Day (Our Online Advent CaLendar)

We are presently inviting contributions to compile a story for each day of Advent, starting with the letter A on December 1st, and working through the alphabet for each consecutive day.  These stories will be available to listen to watch and download from a special Advent page on the Kairos website as we journey together.  We are hoping that the stories you hear each day, may spark your own stories, and you might share them with us, either via the WhatsApp group, or Facebook group.

Christmas Themed I-Spy

You are also invited to a giant game of Christmas-themed I-Spy. We will share a theme daily, again following our Advent Alphabet.  The challenge is to upload an image each day, on our I-Spy WhatsApp group related to that day’s theme.    Obviously none of us is going to manage to do this every day – but hopefully, one or two of us might remember each day and keep the flow of images going…

To subscribe to the  I-Spy Christmas Whats App group drop us an email and we’ll add you.

Seeking An epihany for Epiphany

Seeking an epiphany for Epiphany; the 12 days of Christmas begins on Sunday, December 25th, for those who have a nativity set (or those who want to make their own at one of the craft retreats) we thought it would be fun to share the pictures or sounds from the journey the kings are making in our own homes/ lives as they head towards to stable. Maybe we can all share pictures of their triumphal arrival on Thursday, January 5th ready to celebrate Epiphany on Friday 6th January. I would also love for us to share a special gift we have given* details below.

Again for those who fancy a spiritual challenge maybe you could reflect ( in words, pictures or soundscape ) on the journey the Kings are making in your home & what that says about your faith experience.

Sharing a Blessing

It would be brilliant if we have some fun together as we travel through the Christmas season, but as people following the way of Jesus we know that the story isn’t all, or isn’t even about cosy families and perfect activities. Alongside writing, reflecting & sharing the pictures & sounds we notice, maybe we could choose something that gives us hope, or keeps us going when the journey is hard & find a way to gift it ( we may have to be creative about how to do that if it isn’t an item! ) to someone who really needs it. Maybe via Carecent or Selby St Mission, RAY or Open Doors or a local food bank or to someone you know needs to hear/ receive it. * if appropriate maybe you could share your resource with us all on January 6th and we can begin to create a well-being resource bank for the new year.

Contact us, to join our I-spy advent WhatsApp

Guided Meditation

If you have at least 15 minutes to spare, and spend in quiet reflection, we’d recommend Liane’s guided meditation.

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