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Researching churches which are welcoming of those who identify as LGBTQAI+ in my area, there are a few churches, locally, who indicate that they seek to be so and are signed up to sites like or Speaking with those church leaders, they seek to make this welcome a reality, but accept that some of those who belong to their church will have different views. We are setting our stall out for Kairos from the beginning, but similarly that is not somethin

I’ve realised, as a minister involved in Pioneering, how valuable it is to belong to a peer group, that meets monthly, where everyone is a signed-up and active pioneer. We dont have to spend time explaining, or justifying ourselves. It isnt that we wouldnt have great conversations with those who are not pioneers, or we want to form a clique, it is simply a space of shared belonging, where we start in a similar place in our sharing.

My sense is, in conversation with others, is that there may be similar value to those who are seeking to follow Jesus who identify as LGBTQUAI+, on occasion to gather together in a way that allows for this kind of ‘standing start’ or ‘acceptance’ and place to explore more deeply the theology that emerges from such a shared viewpoint.

Whats Needed

To launch a group, we need a small number of leaders : – We have three people presently offering with experience of belonging to similar groups.

We also need a number of people interested in belonging – once we have perhaps five or six, who can meet in a similar rhythm and timeslot we can move to launch!

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  1. We’ve had three additional people expressing an interest in this group, and so getting close to suggesting a meeting to discern together whether we have the gifts and shared interest to consider launching. Anyone else interested, do let us know.

  2. I am trying to establish Out in Faith a fully inclusive gathering in Harrogate. As a Lesbian minister I appreciate the importance of gathering with those in the LGBT community as a safe place to just be.

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