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Autumn Program 2022

Kairos Autumn 2022 ProgramME

Kairos is embracing the season of Autumn, by exploring a Celtic Spiritual Rhythm over the coming year. We’ll pay attention to the natural world, and respond to it. That starts with celebrating the fruitfulness of the summer gone, but also the ancient practice of Sacred Wandering. At the equinox we’ll reflect on thresholds, light and darkness, and in November pay homage to the special people, places and events of our lives. We hope you’ll join us, feel free to drop in at any event. For more details and a flyer for the Autumn click below.

If you cant open the pdf, an image version is below.  However, we’d still recommend checking our events list on the Website, which is always more up to date.

An Inter-related World

The BBC news,very helpfully I thought, recently explained how many of the challenges in our world are inter-related. Issues seemingly unconnected, like Climate Change, Cost of Living, relationships politically contribute powerfully to one another. The Celtic spirituality, I believe, takes our connectedness, with one another, and the natural world very seriously. I hope in re-discovering some of its practices we might become part of a positive spiral of change.
Some of us are reading Seeking Aliveness, by Brian McClaren. At a recent Greenbelt talk he defined HOPE as continuing to do the things we discern are right, even when they seem to make no difference, I pray we will grasp such HOPE.


Autumn Events Video Promo

Not into reading?  The following video highlights some of the activities coming up this Autumn!

On top of our usual rhythms of gathering, for worship, quiet, meditation and encounter, we are introducing a new style of worship we’ve named FIVEX5, we hope you’ll pop along to try it.

There is still time to join us for our Seeking Aliveness reading group.  We follow the same daily reading plan, and share reflections on WhatsApp.

Autumn Events

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