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joining the kairos family

I’m not entirely sure the image of the red pea in the pod entirely conveys what belonging looks like in the Kairos Movement.  It would probably be more accurate, if I coloured each pea differently, and yet they remained ‘connected’ , ‘fed’ , ‘close’, ‘protected’ by the pod. 

We are intentionally setting out with a shared Outlook and Values, but part of that is to actively embrace diversity in people, personalities and spiritual needs. 

We also recognise that for most of us, we dont belong to just one group of people, our lives are lived and expressed through a network of belonging, and relationships.  

At Kairos, we want to both celebrate that, but also help each person discern whether this breadth of belonging is enabling you to ‘breathe in’ and ‘breathe out’ spiritually.  To express who you are, enjoy a fullness of life, with purpose and fun in equal measure.  We want you to be confident in who you are, and clear in how you might grow and develop,with the help of others journeying with you.

different ways to engage


We really value our friends, who both support and follow our movement.  Those who sign up to our mailing list, attend our events, and engage with us on social media, or with our online media, reflections, resources and website.  If you’d like to be on our mailing list, or signup to our facebook page, then click on the links below.   We are always looking to link people with others to form supportive flourishing communities

Alternately, just drop us an email using our contact page, and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help.


We hope, that many people will also choose to engage more regularly in the life of our movement.  That may be through volunteering in a Kairos team, joining us for Gatherings and discovering your own rhythm of breathing in and out spiritually.   The key engagement, that enables you to fully participate in the life of the movement, both as recipient, but also shaping the movement and its activities, is through joining a Grass Roots Group.  It is these small accountable groups, where you can truly be known, and get to know others, which are fundamental to our life together and our growing as followers of Jesus’ Way.

sherpas and catalysts

Arguably we havent found the right words for this category.  We realise the word ‘Sherpa’ denotes a people and culture, and one that arguably has been treated quite badly by others, but we are drawing on the concept of the person who is experienced, and naturally equipped for a role, helping those who may have trained, but are new to a situation.  We arent talking people who have qualifications, or training necessarily, but those naturally gifted, experienced, and with the qualities able to help others.  Almost anyone who has lived the Jesus way, for some time, is able to help others in that respect. 

Likewise, catalysts conjures up those who are great at getting people together, getting things initiated and off the ground, but encompasses, coaches, spiritual directors, mentors and friends who are willing to encourage, troubleshoot, pray and love others. 

Ultimately, we aim to encourage one another, however we can do so.