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Breathing Out – Liane Kensett

Liane Kensett - Breathing Out

Over the past couple of years I have found breathing exercises to be really helpful. I think I have always appreciated that we are made up of body, mind and spirit but only really in recent years have I felt more confident recognising and exploring how the physical affects my spirituality and mental well being.

As we encourage one another to flourish with the Kairos movement I think that the way we attend to our physicality matters. I have made some very slow and painful attempts at park run, when you are running you are very aware of both the in and out breath!  

Andy wrote last week about what forms part of his breathing in… I think that for me connecting and being present is my way of breathing out, at Parkrun apart from trying to get fit, it is about being one of the friendly participants, breathing out is about joining in when we have community mural painting, about being present with people in my role as a chaplain, its about community settings where I join in and encourage people to share a little bit of themselves through creativity, or conversation. It is about being part of what is going on, and bringing something of myself and my ‘faith expressed in love’* to whatever I’m involved in.

I am very aware that in order to breathe out I need to breathe in. How my spirit is affects how I am physically present. What I breathe out into the world is coming from my core. When I tell stories or create reflective spaces it is hard for me to do that in a generous or inclusive way if I am not feeling that at my core.

As I breathe out as a chaplain, a colleague, a friend, I hope I am sharing of myself and the Spirit that fills me. That through my physical presence I breathe out some hope and love, some opportunities for connection and creativity, by being what I hope to see in the world, part of building Gods kingdom here on earth.

That is my hope for the kairos movement really, that we can create together a place where we can breathe in deeply and breathe out generously into the world.

"15 In a turbulent world … we are the unmistakable scent of life."

2 Corinthians 2:15-17 (abridged from the voice)

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