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Daily Co-Reading and Reflecting


Since the church’s inception at Pentecost, those who followed Jesus  i”devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2:42).

Those who have followed Jesus since, have sought to draw regularly on those same stories, captured in our New Testament Bibles, along with the Jewish scriptures from which Jesus himself drew, in the Old Testament.   It is laudible in its own right to do so, but not always easy without some guidance along the way to help give context and apply them to our modern world.

Brian D McLaren

When several of us in Kairos were sharing the authors that most inspired us during a Nomad Podcast conversation, a number of us named Brian D McClaren. Brian has written a number of books, which critique the inherited models of church, and charts a new exciting and vibrant new Christianity that is emerging. When we realised that Brian had written a couple of books, containing a trio of Bible passages for each week, along with a daily reflection, we jumped at the chance of offering this as a resource for our own Kairos daily devotions.

Seeking Aliveness

We are going to start with his booking ‘Seeking Aliveness’, which is available on Amazon as a Kindle reader for around £2.99, from the Eden bookstore for around £11.24.

We thought it would be even more fun, to read it in synch with one another (even if this means starting halfway through). We’d then use Facebook, and Whatsapp to share our responses to what we’ve read, with an occasional Zoom/Facebook face to face meeting, which we’ll record and you can add to later.

The reading programme is as follows…

Live Zoom Conversations