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Don't Wake the baby?

Unwind on sleepless nights to a wholesome mix of parenting, humour, and crafting. We’re a PodCraft by parents, for parents.

The baby is asleep. Sit with us in the blanket fort as we unwind with a craft activity while we chat about life. We’re not here to provide answers but to share the ups and downs, explore how parenting has changed, and discuss everything from Harry Potter to Montessori; Lockdown babies to kids’ TV; will you ever be able to sleep again?

A fun, honest and unscripted conversation between Emma and Elliot on non-judgemental parenting with plenty of 90s references, funny toddler stories, and openness about the realities of parenthood. We are a podcast to support parents and familes – you don’t need to have a baby, but the content will be most suited to those with preschool children. 

Who are we?

Emma Crippen

Co-host - Hiya, I'm Emy! xx
Emma is an identical quadruplet, grew up on a sheep farm in the North, and works as a translator, auditing computer game scripts in French, Spanish and Italian. She is the "arty" one and likes to paint and draw. Emma grew up in the Church of England and now volunteers in the Methodist Church. Mama to Lilly.

Elliot Crippen

Co-host - Hello there! 🙂
Elliot is the quiet one, an eccentric from the South, and works as a Digital Enabler for the Methodist Church, specialising in social media and graphic design. He is the "creative" one and enjoys photography, making videos, and lego. Elliot grew up in a Baptist Church with parents who are ministers. Baba to Lilly

Emma and Elliot have a 2 year old daughter called Lilly who is stubborn, cheeky, and a joy to play with! They are members of The Kairos Movement.

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Connect with The Kairos Movement...

Our PodCraft is in partnership with Kairos – a movement within Yorkshire North and East Methodist District.

The Kairos Movement is a dispersed and inclusive community that value curiosity and fun, being connected and grounded through story, exploring faith and spirituality. We commit to helping each other, to understanding ourselves, and to a rhythm and pattern of life that allows us to grow and flourish physically, mentally and spiritually. We take our model from Jesus but are open to drawing on the experience of others, science and other spiritual movements to find that balance. It’s a “pick and mix” range of groups and actvities across Yorkshire.

Dispersed, yet united, formal and informal, digital and physical, our groups & gatherings form the core of Kairos. Find your Balance and Rhythm by adding some of our activities to your spiritual portfolio. We are a growing movement that is shaped by those who join us. Our gatherings are open to anyone and everyone.

Kairos Craft Retreat

A space for crafty people to do their crafty things together…
Usually first Saturday of the Month | 10am – 4pm | Acomb Methodist Church, York – Our craft retreat is aimed at busy parents, and those of working age to take some time out to craft together in a comfortable space with tea and coffee on tap. Ideal to bring your current Work in Progress, or to bring something new to try, and just enjoy the hospitality.

Fun and social gatherings

We encourage everyone who journeys with us, to reflect on the balance of breathing in and breathing out. And so we encourage everyone to think about what is joyful and lifegiving. To that end, we sometimes just aim to get together and have fun.  Most of these events happen on the spur of the moment. They are more likely to be found on WhatsApp than on the website.

Discussion Groups (online and onsite)

We love the opportunity to share stories, and many of our activities contain the opportunity to both hear and share stories. We host a weekly Wednesday evening slot to gather together as a community.

SIGN UP FOR EMAILS: You’ll find opportunities to get involved with Kairos on our website, but if you would like us to email you opportunities, and our latest news, then do sign up for our mailing list here: –   KAIROS MAILING LIST

Connect with us via our WhatsApp group

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As a project, we are supported by The Kairos Movement, Yorkshire North and East Methodist District, and The Methodist Church.