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Event Series SPACE TO…


Become/Be/Balance/Reflect Our goal within the Kairos Movement is to Flourish and to find a balance of Breathing In, Breathing out, and supportive communities in which to be accountable and known and loved. It is very easy to simply fill all our time with worthy things and not have time to simply be, or space to… Read More »SPACE TO…

Event Series Selby Street Mission Gatherings

Selby Street Mission Gatherings

Selby Street Mission Selby Street, Hull, Hull, United Kingdom

The Selby Street Mission We invite and encourage any of our Kairos friends, to drop in and join Selby Street for their weekly worship between 10am and Midday weekly. It is a relaxed time, although often 'interrupted' (in a good way) and very much shaped by who is there, and what is going on for… Read More »Selby Street Mission Gatherings

Event Series Morning prayer

Morning prayer

Kairos Prayers Zoom Meet

Kairos encourages gathering for prayer in many forms, times and places. For those who work, or who rise early, our weekly morning prayer is a great opportunity to gather with a small number of others, online on Zoom at the start of the day. It is simple in form, with a short liturgy, a piece… Read More »Morning prayer