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Fun and Social

Kairos as a movement, encourages everyone who journeys with us, to reflect on the balance of breathing in, breathing out, and supportive community.  This may be something we assess, in terms of physical, mental or spiritual health, but we also encourage everyone to think about what is joyful and lifegiving.  To that end, we sometimes just aim to get together and have fun.  Most of these events happen on the spur of the moment.  One person is going to an event, and puts out an invite.  They are more likely to be found on the WhatsApp of Facebook group than the website.  Some examples are below.


Examples of Our Social Activities

Cinema / Theatre/ Concerts

We encourage those who fancy a film outing, or have spotted a good theatre show to put the word out, and either go together, or meet before or after for a drink.

Gather Town

A cross between Zoom and a video game, Gather.Town allows you to interact in a video game ‘city’, choose who you chat to, and interact with whats around you.  To date we’ve explored desert islands, our Lent reflections wer hidden around a city with videos and games to play, and we’ve undertaken an online escape room together.

Craft Retreat

A shared passion for most of us, is seeking to better use the resources of our world, and make lifetsyle changes that protect and even reverse gloabl warming.  At present our gatherings focus on York, but we are looking to expand this.

Walks/ Picnics

Lots of us love simply being outside and exploring our beautiful countryside.  We often link walks and picnics, with our gatherings, so those who love to do so can stretch their legs, but we can come together to eat afterwards.

Social Events Coming Up

Pride In Hull – With Kairos

Queens Gardens, Hull Queens Gardens, Hull, Hull, United Kingdom

Kairos is delighted to join other Christians in supporting Pride in Hull on the 27th July 2024. We have a stall in Queen's gardens, where those wishing to march (having contacted Liane - via our Kairos leaders email, or whatsapp in advance) can collect a wrist band to join the procession from 9am, Those unconnected… Read More »Pride In Hull – With Kairos