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Grass Roots groups

What is a grass roots group?

As part of the Kairos Movement we choose to live moment by moment in the most loving ways we can, with an attitude of gratitude and service to those around us.

Obviously we are all human, and this is a high ideal, but we promise to try and live in this way. Our small grassroots groups are a good place to share when we mess it up, and to find the encouragement to take a deep breath, say we’re sorry and try again.


Grassroots groups form the foundation of the Kairos Movement. They are groups of around 3-6 people that meet regularly in person and/ or virtually as a place of mutual support and challenge in our faith.

We are convinced that it is in an intentional and supportive community, that we can be honest with one another, knowing that everything is said in confidence, and that the group exists to be mutually helpful. Through being accountable to each other about how we are, sharing how we are learning together to live well and flourish in our faith.

These small groups are a powerful way to feel a sense of belonging, to learn and to grow.

Each Group Is Unique

There are no rules – you work out together what is helpful. Small groups like this aren’t a new idea, and there are materials, conversations & resources that can help. Ideally there is someone in the group who has some experience in following the way of Jesus, but the aim is for everyone to take leading in turn and for the groups to be a place where you learn together.

It may be that you know a couple of other people and you want to form your own grassroots group, or it may be that you would like to be put in touch with others interested in forming a group. Either way please let us know [Contact Details]

Resources for Your Group

There are resources on this website for groups to explore together, please do let us know if you come across anything useful that we could add to the resources. We will also offer occasional larger grassroots huddles that a member of your group will be invited to as a way to network together, to share ideas and encourage one another.

Finding Your Style and Rhythm

The method and style of meeting will vary group to group. We have a group that meets for 1/2 hour on zoom first thing in the morning who look at one of the 12 steps statements each week, a group that meet and share a piece of music and then reflect on one of John Wesley’s questions together, a group that meet bi-monthly and are alternating between a zoom call & a walk together. Another group are all reading a challenging book & meeting to chat about each chapter. It needs to be a way of connecting that works for you.

Below is a template that is used in a few different settings as a way ( but not the only way) to host a grassroots group. If you find something else more helpful then go with that, and if you are happy to please share it with us so we can put it up as a resource.

Thank you

one possible template for a grass roots group

Matt's House Prayer

On Thursday mornings we use the Matt’s house prayer, which we commend to you for your Grass Roots groups too. 

As we wake up to this new day, one we have never seen before

help us to become grateful for all that we have been given.

As we live within this home, come alongside us

and make this a place where we can draw near to you.

As we see and confront ourselves in each other

help us to know our truest nature: your light within us.

As we go about our daily work

guide us,

so that the thoughts of our minds and the meditations of our hearts

are at one with yours.

As we use the many things we possess

keep us from a sense of entitlement,

so that we may be able to see beyond our own self interest.

As we speak to one another take control of our lips and guard what we say,

so that our words may radiate your light and love.

As we consume remind us of our interconnectedness

and guide us to tread a lighter path,

lest we forget those at the other end of the chain

and the effects that our actions have

on people, animals and planet.

As we face life’s inevitable challenges be with us and free us from fear,

so we may live life in all its fullness.

As we meet those in need of help give us patience, warmth and kindness,

so that we may help without needing to be identified as helper.

As we rest and play

surround us with beauty and laughter and fill us with an infectious joy

And with each passing day you give

teach us to carry one other home to you, loving God.

Kairos Teams & Grass Roots Network

Just a reminder, that Grass Roots Groups are just one part of our whole movement.  We aim to balance, a breathing-in and focus on self and spiritual wholeness, which Grass Roots encourage, with a breathing-out, in Kairos Teams, where we engage with the world, seek to transform and bless.  Alongside this, a pattern of gathering as a whole, and a cloud of wisdom, formed by each of us (and a few experts) sharing our gifts, ideas and encouragement with one another.