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Kairos huddle

Our Huddle gatherings, are an opportunity for curators and shapers of Kairos, and a representative member of each of our Grass Roots groups, to gather, and learn together. (I’m not sure it will be quite as intimate or cute as our Meerkat friends).

We may eventually evolve several groups, but our initial vision is for one group, meeting monthly, where we will actively seek to share and encourage one another and through it, the groups we are a part of.

The meeting will be part networking and sharing news and ideas, part pastoral encouragement, and part learning together.

We may ask external coaches, or mentors to introduce us to new ideas, or tools, projects or theological ideas.  We may ask them to share inspiration from their areas of ministry or expertise.  We hope it will be a practical time, and we can together engage in practicing them, with a view to returning to our groups and passing this knowledge on.

We recognise that it is an additional commitment, that we are asking, but the Huddle enables us to establish the strong links, and unity that is part of our founding values.   We will encourage different members of the groups, to join each time, so that we each get to know as many people as possible, but we also recognise with time limited for many of us, its okay if just a proportion do so.