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A Place of Belonging For All

Celebrating Pride Month

One of our core values is to be an inclusive movement, where everyone feels that they can belong.  That doesnt mean we all believe exactly the same things, or hold the same positions on every issue, but we value and respect that diversity, and affirm the value of each person.

We do, have a heart for those who have experienced marginalisation, and therefore, offer the opportunity to engage proactively alongside those fighting for that inclusion.  To that end, we have chosen to engage in 2022 with the York and Hull Pride marches. 

Stimulating Conversation

During July we used our Campfire Conversations slot to host of conversation on ‘The Gift of Queer Theology’.  You can discover more and watch the video  by clicking the image, or the button below.

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The Gift of Queer Theology

Watch the Video In the space between York and Hull Pride marches, we felt we’d like to explore a little more deeply the gift that a more inclusive faith community

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