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Getting Involved with the Kairos Movement

Kairos Movement

As they say on strictly come dancing…in no particular order, to start your journey with us at Kairos, consider some or all of the following:-

Give us a Call or Zoom

Kairos is built around our getting to know each other, so one of the best ways would be a chat on the phone, or on zoom, or to meet for a coffee somewhere (which is even better because you can tell us about your context).  Just drop us a line, or watch out for coffee-drop-ins on the events list, when one of us will be having coffee somewhere and you might pop in.

Sign up to our mailing list

You’ll find opportunities to get involved with Kairos on our website and facebook pages, but if you would like us to email you opportunities, and our latest news, then do sign up to our mailing list here: –   KAIROS MAILING LIST

join us at one of our gatherings or prayer times

Our gatherings are open to anyone and everyone.  You’ll find a list on our events page (a small snippet of this is below).  If you’d like us to look out for you, then drop us an email in advance, otherwise you’ll find specific details for joining us,  with each event.

Engage with a Change Maker Group

The majority of our Kairos groups are designed to serve or bless others. You dont have to be a part of Kairos to join the Change Maker teams as a volunteer, or come to enjoy what they are sharing.  If you’d like to know more, then the team can explain more.  To join the team officially, there may be some specific requirements, for these speak to the local leaders, or contact Liane and Andy.  We’ll be publishing different groups here soon.  More details about Kairos teams can be found here.

Join a Grass Roots Group

We are slowly developing a range of different Grass Roots Group, with different goals and patterns.  We’ll be publishing a list of groups and where they meet soon.  If one takes your fancy, get in touch and we’ll make introductions.  If there is something you’d like, which doesnt yet exist, talk to us, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.  More details about the groups can be found here.

Kickstart Something New

We are a growing movement, that is shaped by those who join us.  We seek to follow where Jesus leads, and it could be you hold the keys to our next venture, our next ministry, fun activity or gathering.  If you yearn to start something, speak to us, and we’ll publish it on our launchpad page and try and find that critical mass of people and resources you need to get it off the ground.