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Kairos Craft Retreat

Kairos Craft Retreat

Taking place on the first Saturday of each month from 10am-4pm.  Our craft retreat is an opportunity for those who enjoy craft to come and work on their projects, or learn from others, as peers, as they take some time out, and craft together over the course of a day each month.

The craft retreat takes place at Acomb Methodist church.  People are encouraged to come for as long as they are able, a morning, and afternoon, or stay all day.

Tea and coffee are served throughout the day, but you need to either bring lunch, or access one of the local catering establishments to pick something up.

Open to everyone, but primarily aimed at those who are of working or education age, who don’t get the opportunity during the week.

Your choice of craft does not matter, and if you arent sure what to do, why not come and be inspired by those gathered!

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