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Social gatherings

One of the core values of Kairos is ‘Flourishing’, in mind, body and spirit.  We feel, it is really important, among the many things we offer, as a movement, is an opportunity to simply have fun, get to know one another, and gather (ideally over food). 

With the help of everybody who is a part of Kairos, we seek to share opportunities to gather and do just that.  While we aim to organise some events, around the North and East of Yorkshire, specifically for Kairos and friends to gather, we also hope to simply share in the positive things each of us naturally get involved with.  So, for example, a few of us are going to a Panto in York this year, and we’ve encouraged others to join us.  Hopefully afterwards we might find a coffee shop and share a drink together.

Below you’ll find the things we’ve managed to add to our website, but you will find others on our facebook page, or whatsapp groups (if you subscribe to our mailing list you’ll be sent details of how to join these).

Social Events Coming Up....