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Kairos Launchpad

Our vision is not purely to be an independent movement, but to act as catalysts, and networkers for people who have a passion or interest, or a gifting or sense of calling to start something new. That may be a Grass Roots group, with a particular focus, rhythm or flavour. It may be, to begin a Kairos Team, which serves, ministers, supports or moves to action around a theme, idea or need. Those two things sit readily within Kairos, but equally you may wish to partner, or launch something in an existing church, project or charity, or partner with a group that is community based and focussed.

Our launchpad, is a place to share ideas that are bubbling up for you, that you’d be willing to connect with others to explore. This is primarily about that exploration and discernment, rather than permission giving, or firm plans.   Do let us know, if you’d like to bring something to birth and one of our Grass Roots Network can help with that process.

On the launchpad

Snooker loopy

Snooker Nothing complex about this one, simply a group for those who like to play snooker.  It lends itself to conversation (as long as people arent too precious in that

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Bible Course Online

An 8 Session Overview of the Bible The Bible Course, created by the bible society uses video teaching and discussion to give you an overview of the bible in just

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Theatre lovers

Do you love the theatre, and would value a small group to enjoy it with.   While I am sure conversation will flow, this isnt necessarily an exercise in theoligical reflection,

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film buffs

Our film buff Kairos group might consist of watching a film together in a home on DVD, or streaming.  It might equally be an opportunity to meetat the cinema together,

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Philosphers stone

This one might be quite niche, but I am sure somewhere out thereare a few folks who love Philosphy, and would welcome a chance to chew the cud with others

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Beer N Chat

Beer ‘N’ Chat group

One of our female ‘Kairos Shapers’ (I only mention to be sure those who might stereotype dont leap to assumptions) would really enjoy the opportunity to meet with others, to

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poetry and music

Mike Poole has recently gathered a number of friends to compose and perform music together.   Recently they collaborated with a local farmer, who had discovered a love for poetry, and

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Campervan chaplaincy

Gavin and Fiona have been gifted a campervan, and feel called to offer a campervan chaplaincy ministry around our region. They envisage calling at a church, to support an event

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Researching churches which are welcoming of those who identify as LGBTQAI+ in my area, there are a few churches, locally, who indicate that they seek to be so and are

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Slack Book Group

I know this sounds like a book group for lazy readers.  Thats not the idea!  Like any book group, this gathering is about a group of people who aim to

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Winter 2022/23 ProgrammE

Kairos Winter 2022/23 Programme Kairos is embracing the Winter as we continue to explore a Celtic Spiritual Rhythm over the coming year. Wintering well, in December, as we stop &

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Kairos Craft Retreat

Kairos Craft Retreat Taking place on the first Saturday of each month from 10am-4pm.  Our craft retreat is an opportunity for those who enjoy craft to come and work on

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Morning Meditations

Morning Meditation: A Chance to be still and breathe 30 minutes silence, for whatever you need: stillness, mindfulness, meditation, prayer. Mondays 8:30am-9:00am in Acomb Wednesdays 7:30-8:30am at Lidgett Methodist Church

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Walk the Talk York Podcasts

Hannah Carter-Brown, who is employed by the York Methodist circuit, has been pilotting a new project to develop podcasts that look at how we might live out our faith practically

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Nomad discussion group

“STUMBLING THROUGH THE POST-CHRISTENDOM WILDERNESS, LOOKING FOR SIGNS OF HOPE.” is how Nomad podcast describes itself. If this sounds like your kind of thing then can we encourage you to

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Sunday Bible Study worship

What is it? On the first Sunday of the Month, 10:30am you are invited to join the Kairos Movement, for a time of Bible Study and Worship. Each Sunday, we

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