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Kairos Changemaker Teams

What is a kairos team?

Kairos Changemaker Teams are the means by which, inspired by following Jesus, we seek to engage, transform and bless the communities around us, seeking to follow where Jesus is leading.  They are the breathing-out, socially active, response to the love we experience.  They are also a really important way in which we practically seek to live out what we believe.  Taking care to reflect together on our experiences, they play a crucial balancing role in our continued spiritual growth and wholeness.

Take a look at the Launchpad, to see some ideas that are waiting to take off.

Table of Contents

Faith in action

Kairos Changemaker groups are a place where we intentionally engage with our community in a way that expresses our convictions and faith, and therefore a place where we might work alongside, or encounter people who are like minded, but do noit share our faith. 

Not every member of a Kairos group need be a member of the movement, in fact it is to everyone’s advantage for that not to be the case.   We grow, by discovering Jesus’ presence and activity in others.  We hope that in discovering our breathing-out, we may encourage others to explore a fuller engagement with the Jesus way, and breathe-in.

What does a kairos group look like?

By nature, Kairos groups emerge from either a sense of calling, or passion to serve, or in observing what God is already doing and wanting to join in.   To that end, we have no wish to constrain how that might manifest itself.  However, we offer some possible examples of the types of groups that may form, without being exhaustive, or indeed exclusive :-

  • A shared learning network.
  • An activist network.
  • An evangelist group.
  • A focussed form of worship group.
  • A social action group
  • A pastoral support network
  • A health group
  • Art, sport and creativity focussed.

Take a look at our Launchpad to see some ideas in formation!

Kairos Team leadership

The core leadership, of a Kairos Team, should be committed Shapers, within the movement, but likewise all who engage, should be seen as belonging to the group.  The group should be a place of welcome, and inclusion, where new friendships can be readily formed and care should be taken to enable opportunities, and the environment for that to happen.  

Leaders are supported, and expected to be a part of a Grass Roots group, where they can ‘breathe-in’ and a Leaders Huddle, where they are accountable and given training and development in their leadership gifts.


We know from experience, that working with existing groups, and passionate people from across the spectrum of the community is often the most fruitful way to make a difference.

We actively encourage this, and aim to find a balance between falling under the charitable oversight of the Methodist church, without but do also encourage drawing up simple partmership agreements early on, to establish the ground rules, and offer a basis for trust.  The Grass Roots network and leadership can help with this.