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Kairos Wednesdays

Weekly Gathering

Introducing a new weekly (termtime) gathering for Kairos each Wednesday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

In Person & Online

We’ll be gathering in -person at homes across Yorkshire and the North East, but will start each evening, by joining together in Zoom to share news and catch up.  Both those who then remain online and those physically gathered will then break-out for the evening’s activity.

Pattern of Gatherings

We’ll aim over the course of our gatherings to bring in a taste of the diversity of activities that Kairos offers, including activism, keynotes, story sharing, discussion, eating, pioneering, worshipping and socialising, including some of those detailed below. 

Kairos Wednesdays Coming Soon

The Chosen

Those of us who have watched ‘The Chosen’ by Angel Studios have loved the way they have brought the characters to life, while staying true (with some latitude) to the biblical text.  We think, along with others, each episode naturally leads to conversation and so once a month we will use this as our conversation starter.

You can access ‘The Chosen’ using your PC, mobile or smart TV (firestick – add the app Angel Studios).  Look at the event details for which episode we will focus on, or join us ahead of the main gathering for a watch party.

Online Board Games

Online board gaming may be new to you, but for many of us, it is a great way to keep up with friends, when life limits you to being at home.

On these evenings, we’ll gathering in our own homes and meet through zoom, and Board Game Area (the online platform for playing games).

You need to register, and accounts are free, but limited to one player per broadband connection, so if more than one needs to play, then one person will need a paid account.  This also offers access to the rest of the players online who play with you, to the premium games.

Shared Meal & Stimulating conversation

Whether each group meets for a ‘bring and share’ meal, someone hosts, or we meet in a restaurant, we’ll gather and eat together.

There will be plenty of time for the usual catching up, and sharing, but we’ll also offer a conversation starter.  That may be the wonderful card deck created by our good friend Holly, or a blog and questions which we share in advance of the meeting.

Campfire Evenings

Around once a term we gather to reflect with our pioneers, to hear what they have been up to, and to listen with them to inspirational speakers, or visit different places where spirituality is exploring new territory.

Creativity Evenings

Drawing on our creativity, we’ll invite people with a passion for their art, or craft to come and inspire, lead and even perhaps try something new.  We hope to invite Sam Donaldson a poet from Hull,  to join us in December to get us started.

Alternative Spirituality

Kairos seeks to explore spirituality in many different forms.  We’ll take the opportunity to have a taster of some of these at times during our Wednesdays, such as our Divine Focus, Photography and spirituality group.

Active Evenings

Once we hit lighter evenings, we’ll take the opportunity for a walk, or picnic or simply take our conversations outside into the beauty of nature.

Activist Evenings

Kairos enjoys partnership with many organisations and groups that get stuck in with issues that really matter, from refugees, homeless, environmental groups, healing activities,  pride and inclusion, to feeding low income families.   We’ll invite our activists to come and share what they are doing, and encourage our participation.