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Learning & Study Overview


We are all encouraged to pursue our own personal devotions and reading, whether that be the bible, commentaries, books on spiritual subjects, or just general reading.  If you want recommendations, then pop into the lounge, or ask the community on WhatsApp for recommendations. 

Seeking Aliveness

Its sometimes more fun, to read something together, and so Kairos has a daily reader, by Brian McClaren called seeking aliveness and we discuss on WhatsApp, or every few months over zoom.

Podcasts & Apps


Especially for those who walk their dogs, run, or have long commutes, then Podcasts are an excellent way to keep up with the latest thinking on your favourite subjects, be entertained, or stimulated.  For those seeking inspiration for faith, we’d recommend, Nomad Podcasts (and our associated discussion group), and Rob Bell’s Podcasts and the Liturgists especially for those exploring a shifting faith. 

Walk the Talk York

We’d also love you to take a listen to our own podcast series, WalkTheTalkYork(shire) – where we interview people who are seeking to bless their communities in our area.

Do talk to us, for a recommendation, check out others in our resources section.


CMS & Pioneer Pathways

Several of our Kairos members, are accredited as having a ‘Pioneer’ Ministry, and as such are part of the ‘Pioneer Pathway’ in the Methodist church.  This enables access to a range of webinars, peer groups and training funding.  Each year we aim to send a cohort to train with CMS at Penrith, on their Northern Hub Pioneer Certificate.  Others have pursued similar training at Cliff College.

We also have access to training for Mentors, Coaches, and recommend the Personal Spiritual Development course run by St Bedes in York.  


Some support with training may be available, but our monthly Campfire gathering, is designed for those who are active in developing and exploring their ministry.

Kairos In-House Resources

Kairos Movement

We routinely post reflections, thoughts, and record our events and conversations.  You will find all sorts of subjects and topics, both via our website resources page, and on our YouTube channel.