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Our Outlook

We know its not possible to capture our position in detail on every issue, but we share here some core beliefs and outlooks from which we build as a movement. We recognise that those who follow Jesus dont all share these views, that there are many ways, to follow the way of Jesus, but we ask those who engage with us, to respect these foundational values. We want to be a community that listens, and engages with one another’s stories, background and beliefs, but is equally willing to listen and value those of others.

flourishing at our heart

fun, family & Community

We want to make a reality, the promise of Jesus, that every person can Flourish. We commit to helping each other, to understand ourselves, our gifts, our needs, and a rhythm and pattern of life that allows us to grow and flourish physically, mentally and spiritually.

We know, that part of that Flourishing comes through security and belonging to family and community, and our being nurtured by that belonging, but also participating in using our gifts to help others Flourish. We take our model from Jesus, but are open to draw on the experience of others, science and other spiritual movements to find that balance.

And in the midst of all that, we try to have fun together, to socialise, to eat together, to share together meaningfully and develop our own spiritual practices that feed us.


starfish not a spider

Traditional models of leadership focus on a few individuals at the centre, who hold all the power, and shape the organisation. Our goal, for Kairos, is that we are more like a starfish. The starfish is unusual, as an animal, in that the brain, stomach, sensory systems and ability to direct and move is present in every part. If it loses an arm, each arm grows to become a new starfish. It exists, as a whole animal, by a process of collaboration and consensus.

That sound incredibly complex and strange, but we aim, as a movement, for every person, to play their part. We want everyone’s gifts to be used, ideas to be heard, and for our movement and decisions to be consensual.

A place of belonging for all

Welcomed just as you are

From the outset, we want Kairos to be a place where those who define themselves in any way, feel welcomed, accepted and that they belong. We are not a big fan of labels, or pigeon-holing, as they often are a means of delineation, othering, or segregation, but we particularly want to positively affirm and include those, who are see themselves as part of the LGBTQAI+ community, for whom ‘church’ of any kind has so often been a place of judgement, exclusion or denial of value or worth.

We know, that for some Christians, this isnt a view they can share, and perhaps Kairos isnt for you. We ask those who do engage with us, to respect these foundational views.

We feel that while we all value a place of diversity, where all our welcome, there remains a value in these more focussed spaces where people can share this sense of shared, but focussed belonging. We encourage people to come together, in Action or Ministry, through Kairos groups, or for nurture and Discipleship in Grass Roots groups, and these may on occasion, offer that focussed and therefore more secure space. Speak to us, if that would be of interest to you, or see our LaunchPad for others seeking to start something.

where do we draw ideas from?

science and religion

There are those who would argue, strongly, that Science and Religion do not mix. Some feel one, challenges, or undermines another.

We do not share that view at all. We value both, and feel they each contribute to our understanding, awe and wonder at this amazing Universe we inhabit.

Andy has a background in Physics, Liane in nursing. We are no strangers to wrestling with the different ideologies, but rather than being forced to choose, have discovered ways to hold both, and value both. For others, who have perhaps discounted the Bible or Christianity because of this supposed division, we’d love to help you do the same.

taking the environment seriously

climate change and sustainability

There is a clear mandate for those of us who follow the Jesus Way to value, respect and care for our environment.

For many of us, nature it a place of wonder, relaxation, spiritual refreshment and rebuilding. We recognise our interdependence with the whole of creation, and our role in maintaining those delicate relationships.

We aim, as individuals and community to live lives that are sustainable, protect and even restore our environment and the damage we as humans have inflicted on this planet we call home.

Through Kairos, we’d love to offer nature based worship, places for those with a passion for the environment to support one another, and groups for activism and catalysing others to change.

Do see our launchpad, for possible groups or gatherings, and let us know if you have the seed for something that will build this kingdom work.

connecting with others

embracing technology

Kairos probably couldnt exist, without the technology that digital communication, offers to connect with one another.

We anticipate that for focussed interest groups, that many of our gatherings and groups would be online, for practical reasons, only coming together for action, or relationship strengthening.

We expect a mixed economy, of physical and digital gatherings, for worship, webinars, teaching or training. Our decision-making and shaping of the movement, through Zoom, Whatsapp, email and messaging forums, as much as coffee shop conversations, or formal gatherings.

equality in diversity

race and gender equality

The recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement reminds us there remain clear divisions in culture over race equality. We recognise similar divisions between Genders, Rich and Poor and societal classifications of ‘normal’ and ‘lesser’ within physical and neurodiversity. We dont have to look far for others.

We believe Jesus demonstrated value and love for all, and we wish to seek to do the same. We carry some of the same baggage as others, from the culture’s and context we have been brought up in, but that doesnt need to define us, and we can change, and lead others to do the same. Its always going to be a process, because as we change, our eyes are open to other injustice or inequality, but we commit ourselves to that journey, and to helping one another in that process.

what about?

other faiths?

Kairos is unapologetic, in that our ideology, and spirituality is inherently based on Christianity and the way of Jesus, and draws on our roots as Methodists. That being said, we recognise the wisdom, and values of other faiths and ideologies, and that many who follow the way of Jesus, also draw on some of the ideas, practical disciplines and spiritual practices that we have in common. We also recognise sometimes, our previous experiences have left us wounded and in need of healing. Our spiritual forefathers drew on a breadth of both Christian and non-Christian spiritual teaching and experience and we feel that deepened and sharpened their faith and its outworking. We hope in Kairos, you’ll find a place where we can all share in meaningful conversation together, with respect, and a shared yearning to discover a faith that draws us closer to the divine, and produces positive fruit in all our lives.

the individual matters.

other hurdles

The very nature of Kairos, as a dispersed community, drawn from a wide geography, with both online and physical meetings is automatically going to present some barriers to engagement.

Every individual being unique, we know there may be other more personal hurdles to engagement that we need to overcome together. Whether that be a recognised impairment, disability or health issue where there are obvious practical steps, or it is something more nuanced and particular, we hope we can explore possible solutions together. We can’t promise to have answers, and certainly our financial resources are limited, but with the creativity of a community that wants to include everyone, we hope we might find a way!

always open to ideas

Our inspiration

As leaders we are part of a network of active pioneers, both within the Methodist church and in other denominations. We draw on a variety of writers, podcasters, artists, musicians, theologians, philosophers and influential people. We are particularly inspired by those who explore the Jesus way, beyond the traditional paths, and with people who have not necessarily had opportunity to engage.

We try not to limit ourselves to those who echo our views, but to engage with all those who help us reflect on our world, our theology and ideology. We encourage those who are part of Kairos to do the same, and to engage, discuss and critique rather than reject ideas that may at first feel outlandish or strange to us. Likewise, we respect and draw on the rich traditions of Christianity, and seek to re-discover some gems of understanding, and practice that will enable us to flourish in our world today.