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The Kairos Movement

For those hungry to live differently the Jesus Way


Evenings are definitely getting lighter. With celebrations of Imbolc, the Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring we know we are half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The festival heralds the seasonal change. The first spring flowers are pushing through the cold dark soil. Snow drops are a symbolic flower, due to the fact they are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring; they appear in stories to suggest hope, consolation and new beginnings. The Kairos Movement draws inspiration from ancient stories, particularly those of Jesus, who reassure us that new life will always come, although it may be in new and unexpected ways. We are a community of people who encourage one another that when it looks like everything is over, if we wait, at the right time the new growth pushes through. The Spirit is doing a new thing, it is springing up; we are attempting to collectively perceive and respond. We currently have a relaxed shared rhythm of life where we meet in a hybrid form one evening a week for conversation and one morning a week on line for prayer. Apart from that there is a broad programme of opportunities available for us to meet up and get involved. We would love you to join us as we share our bemusement, insight, wisdom, confusion, hope and prayers in creative and informal ways. Please do check out our calendar to find out what we’re doing this week, and how you could join us in companionable waiting and discovering the beauty that is breaking through this spring. Liane & Andy (Kairos co-enablers)
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Spring 2024

Kairos Wednesdays

Kairos Wednesdays start this October.  We’ll meet Weekly during term-time, in homes across Yorkshire and the North East Region. 

With time to catch up with other groups via zoom at the start of our gatherings, we’re then offering a pattern of gatherings that we hope will be fun, with good conversation and ideas to stimulate.  We’ll aim to eat together once a month, and invite both external guests speakers, in-house bloggers to share with us.  We’ll have tasters of some of Kairos’ activities from creative evenings, to stilling and quiet and also ask our activists to update us and encourage us to action.

Hopefully there will be a group local to you, but if not then do join the zoom group, or maybe host a group in your locality.

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We believe the Way of Jesus offers us a vision and a path to flourishing as individuals, family and community. We dont just say that, we focus on it being a reality for us.


We in Kairos celebrate difference, and value what it brings to us as a community. Our movement is shaped by everyone it it, and we take the time, to get to know ourselves, so each can express who they are.


We gather physically and digitally, with a rhythm that works for us. Sometime for fun, sometimes to serve and worship. Sometimes small and intimate, other times open and welcoming of all.

Supporting Kairos

We would be incredibly grateful, for those who feel they could make a one off donation towards sustaining and developing the Kairos Movement, and even more so, if you feel you could offer us ongoing support through a small monthly standing order.

Find Your Rhythm

Whats On

We are still a new movement, but already we have a wide variety of events and activities taking place each month.   Find your Balance and Rhythm by adding some of our activities to your spiritual portfolio.

Groups & Gatherings

Dispersed, yet united, formal and informal, digital and physical, our groups & gatherings form the core of Kairos

Leaders Huddles

Our leaders gather, with a coach on a regular basis, to reflect and encourage one another.

Intimate small groups, of different flavours, but where relationships grow, faith deepends, and we hold one another accountable.

Making a difference in our world, serving, loving, challenging or lobbying, sharing faith or putting it into action – we gather around an interest or passion to make a positive difference.

Grass Roots Network

Mentors, coaches, spiritual directors, shapers, sherpas, trainers and catalysts, and each of us help one another reflect, review and discern our individual

Larger gatherings where we invite the public. These may be times of worship, social events, webinars or special interest discussion.

Our Outlook

Its not possible to capture our position in detail on every issue, but we share here some core beliefs and outlooks from which we build as a movement. We recognise that those who follow Jesus dont all share these views, but we ask those who engage with us, to respect these foundational values.
LGBTQ+ Inclusive
Embracing Technology
Race & Gender Equality
Science & Religion
Environmentally Active
Fun, Family & Community

Forthcoming Events

Contact Us

Rev Andy Lindley
01904 784545

About Kairos

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Where To Find Us

We are a regional movement, based on the Methodist Yorkshire and North East Region of the UK, but with an on-line gathered presence that reaches much further.

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Connect with us via Facebook, WhatsApp or our YouTube channels.  Sign up for our mailing List for the latest news.