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Peaced Together

A 10 week course for women, using craft to encourage reflection on their lives and discover healing.

Peaced Together (Kairos Partners)

At Kairos we love collaborating and supporting good things that are bringing the things of heaven to earth. We are very excited about encouraging the Peace Together course…

Peaced Together is a 10 week creative arts course with a difference…..
The Peaced Together course comes from the belief that good can come from negative and difficult experiences.Using five themed craft projects, the course encourages women to reflect on their lives and set out on a personal journey from brokenness to hope.

Each project helps the group explore topics such as beauty & peace with the past. No craft experience required and open to ladies of all ages.  Join Peaced Together to develop new friendships, share thoughts and experiences, have some time out and develop or learn a new skill. 

For more details please message Steph Cooper (email link on the events pages)  for more details.

Whats Happened So Far?

As of Jan 2024 Steph, Judith and their team have run 3 courses at Haxby Methodist church and 1 at Carlton, with another planned soon.

Social prescribers having seen the value of the experience are getting in touch to recommend people to join the course.

Although not explicitly a Christian course, because people share deeply, and usually there is a mix of people, some have been encouraged to explore faith more deeply.

Several people have continued to meet in groups to continue the fellowship, and sharing.

Running The Course in Your Area

The team would be delighted to run the course elsewhere in the District.    They are willing to send volunteers to run the course, but do require one person from the local context, who will prepare the meeting space, arrange refreshments, and if possible assist with the administration of the tickets etc.  In additionl it is expected at least one local person from a church will undertake the course, to privide a long term connecting person.

The team would love to expand those who support Peaced together groups, so the opportunity is always there to train as a leader too.


The costs of materials, andtravel expenses for the 10 week course amount to around £1000.  With around 10-12 participants, each person is normally asked to contribute £50 – this could be supported locally, and the remainder from the local church, or circuit.  We believe that the District would be open to providing some support through the Seed fund, and this can be applied for through a simple one page form available on the Yorkshire North and East Methodist website.

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