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time out

Alongside the daily rhythms of prayer, and the weekly practice of a day set apart as sabbath, Jesus would also, from time to time, withdraw from people and spend time on a mountain top, or in a garden, in isolation and prayer.  Such times of withdrawing, are holy times – we get our idea of holiday from them, but there is value in using such times, as Jesus did, in placing God at the centre of our withdrawing.    You dont always need anyone else for such times, but we are fortunate, at Kairos, in having people in our movement, with a passion and gifting for leading such active times of withdrawing. 

We are also fortunate to partner with Acomb Methodist church, who have a wonderful Quiet garden and log cabin in which we can physically withdraw.

Online quiet evenings

With the limitations of COVID we began to explore the offering of Quiet spaces and retreats online, using Zoom, and these have proved not just a viable, but for some people preferable alternative.

Anne Atherton is offering a monthly Quiet Space evening, and we hope to develop others in the near future.

Forthcoming Retreats