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Snooker loopy


Nothing complex about this one, simply a group for those who like to play snooker.  It lends itself to conversation (as long as people arent too precious in that location) and is just a great way to relax as friends.  It also something we can invite others to.


We obviously need a small number of interested people 4-6 would be nice, so we can book a couple of tables somewhere.  Perhaps more importantly access to a table.  In York we have the Castle Snooker Club.  Its £8 per table per hour, and a £2 daily member fee.

Let us know if you’d be interested, or if you have access to a table somewhere else, and would be able to invite others to join you.

We presently have three people expressing an interest in the York area.

1 thought on “Snooker loopy”

  1. Yes, definitely interested in this one evening! I used to play a lot (too much?!) in my late teens/early 20s… but so many years have elapsed that my skill level is very low now. But definitely up for finding an evening when a few of us can go and enjoy a few frames!

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