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Social Action

Kairos encourages its members, as part of our balancing of Encounter and Encourage to Explore ways in which we might engage with the world, and bless our community.  This can take many forms, and many of these will take place outside Kairos, or in a personal and individual setting.  However, on occasion, it makes sense to work together to make a difference.  To that end, where we find individuals sharing a passion, we encourage them to come together to form teams to do so.  We call these Kairos Teams, or Changemaker groups.

If you have a passion to start a new group, then let us know, and check out our kickstarter page for those who have already lodged ideas.


Present Groups


Many of our collaborative partnerships revolve around social action, raising the profile of issues, or blessing others.  Check then out by clicking the button above.

Refugee & Asylum

We discovered early in Kairos’ formation that several of our members already worked with, or were engaged in supporting refugees and asylum seekers.  This group is a peer support group for those working across our region. 

Eco Group

A shared passion for most of us, is seeking to better use the resources of our world, and make lifetsyle changes that protect and even reverse gloabl warming.  At present our gatherings focus on York, but we are looking to expand this.

Selby Street

Selby Street, is a Methodist mission church in Hull.  Alongside the local community they have a particular ministry to those on the edge of society, including those who are homeless, or struggle with addictions.  Kairos leads spirit filled, if a little chaotic, worship on a Friday morning.