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Summer 2023 Programme

Kairos Summer 2023 Programme

Kairos is enjoying Summer as we continue to explore a Celtic Spiritual Rhythm over this year.   Growth is abundant at this time of year, and we have time to rest, recuperate and appreciate the wonder of the natural world around us.  At the same time, most of us, will take some time to spend with those we love, relaxing and making memories.  With long days, there is time to have fun, and socialise alongside our labours.

In our gardens, as fast as the flowers and vegetables grow, so do the perennial weeds.  We need to find a balance of battling the weeds, and maintaining and nurturing the our favoured plants. Spiritually, we also take the time to rejoice, reflect and renew.

We hope you’ll join us, feel free to drop in at any event. For more details and a flyer for the Summer click the button.

If you cant open the pdf, an image version is below.  However, we’d still recommend checking our events list on the Website, which is always more up to date.

Plus all your usual favourites

On top of our usual rhythms of gathering, for worship, quiet, meditation and encounter, we are continuing to explore a new style of worship we’ve named FIVEX5, we hope you’ll pop along to try it.

You can dive into our Seeking Aliveness reading group at any time.  We follow the same daily reading plan, and share reflections on WhatsApp.

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