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Wilderness Pilgrims

Wilderness Pilgrims is a group designed for those who find themselves in, or drawn to, a time of formation in the Spiritual Wilderness. 

Our gatherings begin with e a time of prayer, using the pattern of Northumbrian Morning prayer,  bible readings and meditation. 

We refuel with a hot drink and then over the course of several sessions, we will review the Exodus experience of the Israelites who escapes Egypt and sought the Promised land, and seek the resonances in our stories, and spiritual journeying.

Our aim, is less about arrival, but growing as a community of fellow pilgrims, and understanding who we are, as a people of God in this place.

We assume, that as we allow the Spirit to shape us, that we will discern our own calling, direction and be able to articulate for each of us, what our own future journey and formation may entail.

The Wilderness Pilgrims is part of the Kairos Movement, which in itself is a part of the Methodist church, but we welcome those of all faiths, denominations or none to journey with us.

Wilderness Pilgrim Gatherings